Our Marketing Strategy


As of the moment our iOS spend is all on Facebook. 

We began testing advertising by targeting interest audiences that hit a broad range of gaming interests and demographics before narrowing to our strongest source of high-funnel traffic. 

Those with a demonstrated interest in high quality tower defense games narrowed by those interested in iOS / iPhone news.


After establishing a baseline of data, we moved on to the option we plan to scale - lookalikes based on the top % of our app users. These have generated great results and the users coming through this channel love the app and have had nothing but good feedback.

The more users we acquire, the more granular we can go with these %s - right now, we're targeting 25% top users, but can move down to 10% for an ultra-targeted list.


Our creative assets and brand messaging have been tailored to our target demographic, featuring game play and lifestyle videos that emphasize the game's fast-paced challenge.

All creative assets will be updated to show this major update and its capabilities .


Our retention numbers are decent, but could be stronger.

When we release v1.5 we plan on running light re-marketing ads to app downloaders who haven't opened in the last 30 days, as well as continuing to promote the game as we always have.


Game Community Support

To also help with retention and marketing, we have just recently, as of 9/12/2018, re-engaged with Leigh Walker, with ThatGuyPR to handle our game community through Public Relations & Social Assistance.

His primary goal is to create and socially share live streams and videos related to the game ZombiED and our upcoming Original Sound Track. He will be creating 2 series, the first being the Core Series and the second being the Detail Series.

The topics include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Introduction to the game

2. The Tutorial

3. Starter tactics

4-16. Guide to each level


1. A look at the developers

2. Survival mode

3. Campaign mode

4. Zombies - Generics and Characters

5. Bosses

6. Towers

7. Game Updates (v1.5)

8. Advert manipulation (using ads effectively to aid game play)

9-12. Unknown as yet

13-16. Leaderboards